REDO combines the knowledge and experience of three leading referendum scholars and their associates. For further information contact: prof_r_rose@yahoo.co.uk

Professor Richard ROSE, DPhil (Oxford) PhD (EUI: honoris causa).

Director, Centre for the Study of Public Policy, University of Strathclyde Glasgow. Visiting Fellow, Robert Schuman Centre. A pioneering author of social science books and articles about public opinion, elections and comparative public policy. See especially Representing Europeans: a Pragmatic Approach (Oxford UP, 2015). Publication have appeared in 18 languages; seminars, presentations in 26 EU member states and to EU institutions, OECD, and the World Bank.

Dr. Fernando MENDEZ, PhD (EUI).

Senior Research at the Centre for Research on Direct Democracy, University of Zürich whose academic research interests include direct democracy, comparative federalism, European integration, and internet politics. His research has an interdisciplinary focus that combines approaches from political science, constitutional law and computational social science. Recent relevant publications include Patterns of Constitution Making (Ashgate 2013); Referendums and the European Union (Cambridge UP 2014) and a co-authored report for the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, Referendums on EU matters (2017).

Professor Laurence MOREL, PhD (EUI)

Professor of Political Science at the University of Lille and affiliated to the Centre de Recherches Politiques of Sciences Po Paris (CEVIPOF) and Chair of the IPSA/ISA Research Committee on Political Sociology. She has been a research fellow at the EUI and taught at the University of Stanford and at the Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane (Florence). She is regularly consulted as an expert of referendums by public or private authorities and the media, and participated in the recent French parliamentary “Groupe de réflexion sur l’avenir des institutions”. This winter will see publication of the definitive Routledge Handbook of Referendums and Direct Democracy, (edited. with Matt Qvortrup, 2017).