This section is a WORK IN PROGRESS, when complete it will provide a readable text that gives the national context relevant for understanding the historical and political context of referendums on national as well as EU issues. Each country entry will include the laws and regulations determining what it takes to initiative a ballot (e.g, in the Netherlands) or call a referendum and win it. It will also give the detailed results for a country’s ballot. There will be a check list of standard topics to include but the text format is flexible and thus allows for proper attention to be given to nation-specific conditions, which are flagged in the News section. There will be a very short bibliography and links to national-language authoritative sources.

EU Member States

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland
Italy Latvia Litduania Luxembourg Malta Netderlands Poland
Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

Non-EU Member States

Norway Switzerland

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