June 7, 2003

Poland: European Union membership

Choice Votes Percent Yes 13,514,872 77.6%* No 3,935,655 22.6% Total valid votes 17,450,527 99.3% Invalid or blank votes 126,187 0.7% Total votes 17,576,714 100.00% Registered voters and turnout 29,864,969 58.85% Question: Do you approve of the Republic of Poland’s accession to the European Union? Question (Polish): Czy wyraża Pan/Pani zgodę na przystąpienie Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej do Unii Europejskiej? Source: Question (Polish): http://enacademic.com/dic.nsf/enwiki/8102332. Note: * This figure is given in the source; calculations suggest 77.45%.